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A year in the life of a North Carolina Beekeeper

Welcome to my blog.  I will be writing about the next year in my beekeeping journey.  It is possible that the blog may continue on, we will see. 

You may be wondering about why I am starting the blog now, instead of the spring when the bee season begins in earnest.  It is because now is the time when we have to make the preparations for the winter.  We are in a nectar dearth, the bees are getting frustrated and the decisions we make will shape the future of our apiaries.

Why would I want to write a blog?  Well, I decided to keep a diary of what I did and how it worked out.  I am always on the quest to improve my skills and my success with the bees. Last year was a disaster, not only for my bees but for many in the Piedmont of North Carolina.  I live in Asheboro, in Randolph County, right in the middle of the state.  Last winter I lost 20 out of 25 hives, in the majority of the cases, it was because I split the hives too late in the year, and so as a result, the hives were weak and the…