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Late summer update

Late summer has been busy for beekeeping in the Piedmont.It seems that the frequent rains this summer have helped with forage for the bees better than the past few years. So feeding our bees this summer has kept the hive quite full of bees, pollen, and food stores.
Because we started feeding too late in the dearth last summer, this summer we fed our bees earlier and in greater quantity.So we have been inspecting them every ten days to 2 weeks this summer. This is working well except for the toll the heat and humidity have taken on us. It seems that most of the hives are becoming quite used to inspections and they go quickly. Also, we have been able to do better at keeping propolis build up to a minimum at the top of the hives. The canvas covers we use when we are not bucket feeding are working so well. The bees hardly notice when we open the hives.
Here in late summer during the dearth, it can be difficult to obtain a well-mated queen on short notice. So it is important to know right aw…