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Late Winter 2018

Late Winter 2018 We survived the hurricane season with no damage, and heading into winter we focused on accomplishing several tasks.  First and foremost, we fed and fed our hives to get the hive weights up for winter.  Also, we also made some other changes to help with winter survival. Changes to How We Winter Bees Insulated Hives One issue that hurt the bees last year was food and specifically food not being where the bees could access it late in the year.  When we inspected hives, some were out of food, but more had food at the edges and couldn’t get to it during the last cold spell.
To help reduce the need for food and to make food more accessible, we added 2” foil backed polystyrene insulation to all of the hives.  We made this a permanent change and used construction adhesive to attach the foam to the hive.  I believe this will help in two different ways.  First, the bees will not have to burn as much honey trying to stay warm.  Also, they will have more days where they can brea…