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January Update

We are continuing to monitor our hives this winter.  We started winter with 31hives and when we went and inspected all the hives on January 7th and 8th; we found that one hive had absconded.  There was a small patch of capped brood, and they still had about 9 lbs. of sugar in the top of the hive.  There was no sign of moisture and only two dead bees on the bottom board.  There were wax cappings on the hive floor, signs that the hive had been robbed, but probably after they absconded.  The insulation on the front of the hive was damaged, so we believe that a varmint harassed the hive enough that they left.
Our hives continued to use supplies very slowly, another three weeks and we were down an average of less than two pounds.  For the period Nov 17 through January 7, our hives have used an average of 3.5 pounds of stores.  I am convinced that changing bee breeds and insulating the hives is paying off.
Our focus in our apiary is changing from honey production to focus on raising queens an…