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End of January update

Well, it has been 21 days since we last checked our hives. Since it is mid-winter 2019 and a nice day, we decided to weigh them today, January 28.
We started in the home yard and found five with nearly ten pounds of weight loss so far this winter. The others either lost six pounds or less or even gained (probably from robbing other hives and/or drifting). A few hives were defensive on one stand, so we used smoke to weigh them.
While most of them were quite active, one was not, so we decided to take a quick look inside. Just barely opening the top we could see that it was either a dead out or abandoned.  Upon inspection, we found less than 100 bees dead on the bottom of the hive, and a few dead on one frame. There was very little uncapped brood, a few frames away from the dead bees.  One frame near the opposite side had not been worked out, but most of the remaining frames were nearly full of stores except where brood had emerged. Two frames of stores were about 75% consumed. The top…