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Spring Meeting Part 1

Highlights of the 2019 Spring NCSBA Conference in Monroe, NC
This event had a simpler schedule than last spring, with all the talks located in the main auditorium. This had the advantage of the attendees more easily hearing all the speakers.
The vendor areas opened early each morning and remained open throughout the event, except for the bee bowl, but I will go over the vendor and product highlights in another blog.
Morning Day 1:  Paul Newbold, NCSBA President announced upcoming events to start the day. Quickly approaching events include testing on April 27 at both Newbern and Morganton. Then the summer convention in Hickory, NC August 8, 9, and 10. The EAS will be holding its summer convention in nearby Greenville, SC in June. This is a 22 state organization, and so having the event this close is special.
The first guest speaker to the platform was Jay Heselschwerdt, a state bee inspector for Tennessee. Jay’s topic was “To Feed or Not to Feed Your Bees.” The statistics for his beehive …